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Neta is at the forefront of promoting medicinal plant extracts and dermocosmetic products in Israel, offering natural, complete solutions to a range of medical problems and laying the groundwork for a quality, healthy life.


Company products are approved by the Ministry of Health, and are certified for use among the religious sectors. Dermocosmetic products have been tested and approved for use by top laboratories and dermatology research institutes.


Neta is unique in its incorporation of medicinal plant extracts as a dietary supplement in a dermocosmetics series to treat various dermatological problems. This exceptional combination provides effective targeted solution in the treatment of dermatological as well as other problems. The synergy and selection of plants, the efficacy and speed of absorption as well as liquid plant extracts of Neta facilitates efficacy and solutions of medical problems.


Neta's dermocosmetic products and food supplements are free of any side effects, free of any preservatives and particularly high concentrations. The dietary supplements are ideal for children from 3 years of age and older.


Product development is based on knowledge, research and observations acquired over the years. Neta's team of experts meticulously chooses the finest plant, and then applies a unique process to extract the active ingredient and create a formula that provides maximum opportunity for a healthier, better life.


The range of plants that comprise the formulas in the brochure have been discussed in research literature and have been clinically proven to be effective.


Neta uses a comprehensive, professional training system, employing professionals and offering instruction and consultations including stress, traumas and anxieties at any given time.


We wish you a quality, healthy life.

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