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Pomegranate Oil

A healthy body inside and out


Pomegranate oil is an extremely effective antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals, help inhibit the growth of cancer cells, inhibit and stop the development of atherosclerosis, help lower and control blood pressure, cholesterol, high sugar levels, clean and strengthen blood vessels, increase iron and ferritin levels, maintain a normal immune system and prevent the invasion of pathogens.


External and internal use of pomegranate oil maintains the skin's flexibility and helps reduce skin aging (anti-aging). Pomegranate oil inhibits and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and treats existing wrinkles. It helps lighten skin stains, pigmentation and treats scars, dries out acne and prevents scarring, treats eczema and chronic skin conditions. Suitable for use on hemorrhoids, fissures and varicose veins.


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