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For smooth, elastic and healthy skin


Propendula cream contains particularly high concentrations of propolis and calendula in a unique, therapeutic formula to treat a wide array of skin damage and skin diseases.


Propendula helps:

to disinfect the skin, increase cell division in the affected area, increase production of proteins that are essential to building skin tissue, protect the skin, supply moisture, restore and renew the essential fatty acids to the skin, protect connective tissue, strengthen skin cells, protect the skin's elasticity and flexibility. The cream is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are vital to the skin.


Propendula should be applied topically to the skin to treat

Cracked, irritated, inflamed, dry skin

Purulent wounds and acne


Vaginal fungus

Mild first degree burns

Post-surgical scars


Mosquito bites, and stings of wasps and other insects


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