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Seborrhea is a common phenomenon that is not a disease but a skin property. This redness and peeling of the skin in the form of scales on the scalp, between the eyebrows and on the sides of the nose largely occurs in women with oily skin. Seborrhea tends to worsen in winter.

Stoporea cream contains natural ingredients only, and is steroid-free. The cream,  based organic plant acids and quality oils, was developed with emphasis on various skin reactions and sensitivities. The cream contains a unique blend of natural ingredients that treat, restore and protect the skin. Suitable for difficult cases of dry skin, redness and skin irritation. Suitable for use in children. The cream is also ideal for the treatment of red, irritated and sensitive facial skin.


Stoporea helps:

protect the skin, supply moisture, restore and renew the skin's essential fatty acids, protects the connective tissues, strengthens the skin cells, protects the skin's elasticity and flexibility. The cream is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are essential to the skin.



Calendula extract in grapeseed oil, carrot extract in grapeseed oil, black cumin oil, avocado oil, sage oil, lemon balm oil. Stoporea should be applied to facial skin as well as for

Seborrhea, eczema

Purulent wounds including acne

Rash on the face

Irritated, red and itchy skin


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