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Atopic dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that is referred to as 'skin asthma'. An estimated 10%-20% of children suffer from atopic dermatitis during their childhood and adolescence, after which the disease tends to disappear. The disease is characterized by dry, itchy, red skin that appears in various places on the body (neck, folds of the elbow and knee, ankles, palms of hands).


Stopic cream contains only natural ingredients and is steroid-free. Stopic, based on extracts of organic plants and quality oils, was developed with emphasis on various skin sensitivities and skin reactions. The cream itself contains a unique blend of natural ingredients that treat, restore and protect the skin. Ideal for difficult cases of dryness, redness and skin irritation. Recommended for use on children as well.



Stopic helps:

to protect the skin, supply moisture, restore and renew essential fatty acids in the skin, protect the connective tissue, strengthen skin cells, protect the skin's elasticity and flexibility. Stopic is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are vital to the skin.


Stopic should be applied to the skin:

Skin asthma (atopic dermatitis)

Skin rash

Purulent wounds such as acne

Dry, irritated, red, itching skin

Diaper rash

Skin burns and inflammations


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