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Chronic fatigue, erectile dysfunction, attention difficulties in school, sports achievements. We developed a unique solution from medicinal plants designed to help physical and emotional fatigue while maintaining high, stable energy levels throughout the day.


NRG helps:

fatigue and exhaustion, underactive thyroid, low blood pressure, lack of sexual desire, diminished virility, decreased concentration for students and people studying long hours, chronic fatigue syndrome, for athletes – to improve achievements and increase the speed at which the body recovers, to support treatment of anemia which is accompanied by fatigue, slow pulse (brachycardia), support of weight loss.

N.R.G contains a concentrated extract of medicinal plants that have been clinical proven to increase the body's ability to cope with stress and overload while restoring its energy supplies and increasing alertness and vigor.

The medicinal plants work in several ways to increase energy and strength while reducing fatigue:

-support of the adrenal gland (gland that erodes under pressure)

- Blood flow, thereby nourishing the body's cells

- Function and improvement of the body's immune system

- Improve cognitive processes and ability to think and focus

 - Enhance cardiac activity


Plant Name

Siberian ginseng

Korean ginseng


Cola nut


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